Magura HS33 Bolts Too Long, Help?

Hey, i got my maguras today (they are white !) and the bolts i have for them are too long.

what do you reccomend doing?

go to a hoardware store and try to find right size allen borlts, cut them down or use washers, etc?

thanks !

If you cut them down thread a nut on to them first, as you unthread the nut from them afterwards it will restore the thread damaged at the end by the saw, making it muhc easier to screw them in to the mounts.

Mine were a little bit too long too, but by putting an extra washer underneath just the top bolt, then doing the bottom one up fully first they went on fine.

Not that I’ve actually had the bottle to actually pull the leaver whilst riding yet though… but that’s not the point!


lol !

well my bolts are about 7mm too long it appears. thats a chronic amount of washers as it turns out.

Yeah, 7mm worth of washers is a bit extreme.

You’re probably better off taking one of the bolts to a local hardware store and asking for the same thing but shorter. I think mine were about 25mm long (I don’t have my uni with me to check though), but they’ll be available in standard sizes, probably 20,25 or 30.

But if you do cut them down yourself, then use Kingtons trick of putting a bolt on first so it’ll re-tap (or re-dye? I can never remember which is which) the end of the thread. Oh, and make sure the cut is as strait and clean as possible.