Magura HS22 on a Torker DX

I cannot seem to figure out how to attach the darn things. None of the screws seem long enough. It seems as though I am putting them on up side down (to get it not to rock). There are three screws the shortest seems like one that holds the two halves together while you mount them. The top (non slotted) hole looks too big to hold secure but there is a hook/horn looking thing that will slide into the hole perfectly, but then there is no way to attach it to the frame because it is threaded and on the wrong side. Any and all help is appreciated.

I cant help you really, but if you do a search in the galler for ‘magura’ you sould find some pictures to look at that can help, or try on google, a lot of bikers use the magura brakes and probably have things written up or about them.

Never Mind

I was trying to attach the evolution mounts (they do not work or work poorly). I needed to get the 4 bolt adapter.