Magura HS12 missing piece?

I’ve been looking around but I’ve found very little information on the HS12 rim brakes. They’re quite old, and i’ve had them for years but have never got around to putting them on my 36.

Does anyone know what’s meant to be in the hole photographed here? Does anything other than a bleed screw need to be screwed in here when it’s not in use?

Thanks, Kit.

Hi Kitibob,

you pic has not been uploaded or does not show up.
If you have trouble, you can also email the pic(s) to me and I will upload it for you. Just make sure the pics are no bigger than 800 pixels on the biggest side and it will work :wink:

Yet another reason to leave Photobucket behind…
This has worked though.

Having looked further into it, Magura have sent me the most relevant manual they can find and I don’t think there’s anything missing. I’ve found the bleed screw, too. All is grand.

Ta, Kit