Magura HS-22 Rim Brakes Parts for Sale - tons of them


I have a ton or asst’d Magura HS-22 (and similar brakes) small parts available for sale. Pic are below.

Shrink wrap tube kit

Carry case

Reversable Magura Beanie

Please drop an email to if interested.


Magura HS-22 Rim Brake Parts

I need an H-22 brake part which doesn’t appear in your photos, but I thought I’d check anyway. Picture of the broken part is attached. It is the opposite side of the bracket parts you show.

Need Magura rim brake parts

I’m in need of:
2 QR mount studs (bolts)
2 barbed hose fittings

I have about 10 sets (4 pads each) of std. black pads and several meters of hose if you’re in need.

Thanks and regards,

Paul Atwood

Check your PMs

don’t have a PM from u. but shoot me an email: fingeritout @

I have a pair of those, PM me.