Magura - Help with crossover connection to master

I have been having problems in the past with my HS33s. I went tonight to bleed them in water and when I was removing them off the MUni, the crossover tube simply fell off of the connection at the master. I have steel lines.

I want to reconnect the hose to the fitting.

How do I do that? Do I insert the crossover tube over the barbs and then tighten the lock nut. Or, do I first thread the locknut over the barbed fitting, and then insert the crossover tube inside the locknut, but over the barbed fitting and then “loosen” the locknut by turning it counter clockwise?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks.

Give me some pictures, i a pro with these types of things, i just need to know what your talking about. I used to ride bmx and had problems with my crappy break gear so i learned alot replacing and installing and maintencing =)

Picutres should go like this

1 all the gear including nuts and bolts and such
2 the problem
3 assembled like YOU think it should go.

Not to say you won’t figure it out, but maguras (hydrolic rim brakes) are a lot different than any BMX brake.

Pull the lock nut up onto the hose, then push the hose onto the fitting, and then lock the nut down over it. That’s what was in the directions (which I followed!) with my steel braided kit from Magura. It worked for me. Good luck! They can be temperamental.

Thanks Peter, that’s what I wanted to know.