Magura Braze On Kit

Hello! I’m currently working on a custom Muni frame. I would need to get brake mounts on it. Shipping from UDC US is ridiculous so I was wondering if anyone had a pair of these magura mounts waiting for me :slight_smile:


I have a kit that never got used. I have 4 braze ons (two types), the 4 brake brackets (one pair). I might have the 4 screws too but not sure. I don’t think I have the little plastic inserts that go around the brake cylinders. email me if you wanna figure it out munikaycee (at)

Jaco, why not go with a disc brake? You can use KH Spirits or an Oracle hub.

If you’re going to weld on a mount, make it a caliper mount or use a D’ Brake bearing cap.

Maguras vs disc brakes, there’s no comparison, I would never go back under threat of death :smiley:

Ben, I can’t afford a disk brake right now. If I ever want a disk brake I’ll just make a disk brake tap and weld it on!

Anyway, I found some! Thanks!