Magura brakes ready to use

I would like to get a used brake for my Muni because I dont want to pay the full price. I would prefer getting a Magura HS-22 Race-line because it looks cool but I’m open to your offers. I want it ready to use, bleeded and all the other stuff, I just want to put it on my Muni and ride. If you have a brake that you dont use or you want to get rid of, PM me:).




I have some used HS22 raceline brakes that work great. They are $60 plus $10 shipping to you in the great white north. See attached pic. For another $25 I can also modify this by replacign the really long HS22 lever blade with an HS33 lever blade that is spooner compatible and modified to work with this lever body. See second picture of the black brake.
All my used brakes come with all worn parts replaced, line length cut to what ever length you want, flushed, bled and tested. Also, this one comes with new pads.
Interested? PM me.

Pm’d Brycer1968.


I PM’d you back. See pics in “test” area of this forum and let me know if that all looks ok to you.

Pm’d you back again. Thanks Bryce, I’ll get yours as soon as I got the $$:D