magura brakes on Nimbus 29"


Can you fit magura brakes on a nimbus 29" frame or the nimbus II 29" frame?

Is there a cheaper way of fixing maguras than getting the KH frame?

Thanks in advance

Not unless you get the mouts welded on. UDC do sell a nimbus II frame wirh brake mounts but it’s 85 quid and a KH frame is only 80


you can mount a brake with a V-Powerstop.

It is not ideal and you only can mount the brake with EVO adaptors but it works …


yeah thats exactly what i thought when i saw it :smiley:

does anyone have a picture of a v powerstop or similar mounted?

How about using a V-brake ?

You can get normal brake mounts welded/brazed on. A lot of bike shops / bike builders will do it for you. I think it tends to cost about £20 if you don’t want the frame painting, but I can’t remember where I got that number from so it might be rubbish.

You can also get the special magura mounts welded on, the mounts + clamps cost £22 from, putting them on shouldn’t cost very much. If you can find somewhere that deals with trials bikes they should be able to fit them.

If you buy a KH frame, you still need to buy the £12 magura clamps before you can fit your brakes to it.



yes, on a 36 inch uni …
But the pic shows it without the metal laces.



I personally would go the route of something similar to the v-powerstop although I know i’ve seen cheaper alternatives. V-Brakes are more than enough and with one of those adapters all you would need to do is drill a hole in your frame.