Magura brakes from UDC?

I am looking into getting brakes for my muni, and need some help. Brakes are the ONE thing about uncycles that I know practically nothing about. I know there have been several brake threads lately, but I didn’t want to threadjack old threads.

Firstly, why are the Magura brakes on UDC so expensive? Were else can you get them cheaper? I’m not paying $100 for a set of brakes.

Are there any other brands that are cheaper, that will fit with standard brake mounts? Why only Maguras?

And why hydraulic? Wouldn’t ‘regular’ brakes be enough stopping power? Because in reality, your not going very fast, and you only need to slow down.

I cant say I know a whole lot more about them than you probably do but if you want brakes for your DX a standard V-brake will not fit on those mounts, they are magura specific although I’ve seen adapters which you can attach to make them work. I think the main point in using hydraulic over a cable based system is modulation, they are much better as drag brakes and easier to apply varying amounts of pressure without just grabbing the wheel.

i was just wondering the same thing last night. i’m kinda thinking of getting a kh 24 muni to go with my kh 20, and wondering if brakes would be a good idea. i’ll follow this thread closely.


I think on a 24" a brake doesnt have any real use other than when you are either going down a long steep hill or doing incredibly technical muni on a steep slope. I had asked the same question of brakes on a 20" and the answer that I got is that on a 20" brakes are basically useless. On the other hand, on a coker or possibly a 29" I could see practical use making the cost worth while.

Check ebay, every so often a single set of HS33 will be on sale for around 40 bucks or so. And there is always HS33’s and such on ebay for like 75 bucks.

i would say not to get brakes. I have the HS33 brakes an i can say if i had to do it again i wouldn’t get the brakes. I barely ever use them even when im going down a steep slope, leg power is enouph stopping power for most situations. And the worst thing is i spent almost $200 on them!