magura brakes for 36er wheels, brake pad travel distances, HS33, HS24 and HS22

I have a ton of used and new magura rim brakes that I’ve been selling on in the uni community trading post recently and and I’ve gotten some questions from 36er riders and 36er schlumpf riders that want to be able to adjust their Maggies brake pads way out away from the rim so they don’t rub while accelerating and idling. The problem is that if the brakes are too far away from the rim, the lever may not drive the pads all the way back to the rim when you squeeze the lever.

Loose wheel build, wheel laterally out of true, frame flex, worn bearings or the additional bearing play that Schlumpf 36ers have are the likely causes of this problem and this bit of unicycle brake nerdery ;)tests the different Magura brake lever models made prior to 2005 and the distances they will drive the pistons and the brake pads so your wheel cylinders and brake pads can be left further out away from the rim.

I just finished testing HS33, HS22 and HS24 levers and a hybrid HS22 lever I put together that uses the HS22 lever body with its large piston and a modified version of the shorter (KH spooner compatible) HS33 lever blade that has that nifty red TPA knob.

The brake pad travel distances ranged from 10mm (both sides added together) to a whopping 17.5mm. For the results of the testing, see MS Word table link that appears below the pictures of the testing process.

2009 Magura rim brake tests.doc (30 KB)

Whoa, that’s a pretty cool idea! I’m pondering trying out Maguras on my KH36 again; I have been using a cable brake for quite some time, but I have two old HS22 bodies that I broke while riding muni. Now that I have my big metal toys, I can probably clean them up and tap an attachment on them to fix em.

Hooray for brake nerdery!!! I love it when someone (meaning you) delves deeply into an area that I need to know more about but don’t have the inclination to do the grunt work for.