magura brakes, cheeep!

i have two magura hs33 brakes for sale,( one front and one rear)

fairly scruffy looking but in working order. you probably need new brake pads though.( one is missing but they only cost £10ish?) and you’ll want to cut the tubing short on the rear break.( simple proceedure aparently.) so they’d suit somebody who knew what they were doing. they include the evolution adapters but i doubt that you’ll want them, the break boosters are a bit bent.

not quite perfect condition.
so thats why they’re a bargain.

£40 the lot. +£10 postage
u.k. only.
and i’m too lazy to sell them seperatly.

pay by bank transfer prefered.

with optional free slightly knackered suzue hub ( stripped threads, can be fixed by sufficiently clever person.) and pair of ddg trials pedals ( like onza ) and also a pair of cheap welgo copies.

email me at first come first served…

i was going to get a 24" muni but eventualy gave up on the idea. i’ve got enough unis as it is. and not much in the way of mountains.

i’m moving house and need the space. to edinburgh no less.
and i’m concentrating on other stuff right now. however my carefully built profile trials and designer freestyle uni are not for sale. don’t worry, haven’t stopped uniing, i’ve just got distracted.
i am still organising the uni events for bjc 2004 in perth, which will be no less than fantastic i can promise you.

Heh…SWAT went in on a deal like this a while ago. We go enough stuff to make 4-5 brakes for 70 bucks. So we just split it up (4 times 20) and now we all have brakes.

Needed some TLC, but worth it for the cheapness.


still available.