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I would like to make a small correction to one of the comments on the magura
brake. We, here in California, do use Magura hydraulic brakes on our munis, but
it’s not for hopping. I (we) have found that using a brake while hopping is
rather ineffective because of all the micro-adjustments that are made by your
feet before, during and after a hop, which cannot be made with a brake. We DO
use the brake for the same reasons you are looking for, to help make the
downhills easier. I agree with the guy who said that he can actually go faster
down hills WITH the brake. This is especially true on steep downhills. Not only
does it greatly lesson your side to side wobble, but your knees will thank you
profusely after every ride!

On the other hand, as everyone commented on, the Magura is a bit pricy, and
there are other brakes that, although not as high quality, will do the job just
fine. Really it comes down to a question of how much you’re willing to spend. If
you do get the Magura though, you will not be disappointed…

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RE: Magura Brake

Regarding the expense of Magura brakes: Bike Nashbar currently is clearing out
the Magura HS-11 brakeset–including (as far as I can tell) everything needed
(calipers, lines, and levers) for US$79.95. I don’t know anything about the
levels of quality in Magura brakes (these probably aren’t top-of-the-line, or
else are NOS), but I’d guess they’d stop a uni all right. Plus, you could buy a
set and split it between two unis–pretty good deal @ $40/uni.

Do a search for Magura, and they’ll come up.

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Re: Magura Brake

David Poznanter ( wrote:
: I agree with the guy who said that he can actually go faster down hills WITH
: the brake. David

Thanks david, but I’m a girl. sarah