Magura brake option

Greetings all,
I’m sorry if this topic has been thrashed already, but I used the search function, and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for.
If one goes to order a Numbus uni on UDC (at the moment, anyway), there is an option for a “18in Magura HS33 Hydro Brake w/ PlasticLlines” for $142.00.
Is this a good brake setup? Is this a good deal? Is this recommended?
What are most of you (who use brakes) using these days? Pros and cons?

All input appreciated.


I’d go over to the Trading post and look up Brycer. He sells new and quality used maggie set ups at a waaaaaay better price than UDC. Great guy.


Thanks guys. Yes, I have HS33 brakes galore. Let me know what you want. New, used, colors . . Send me a PM . . . .


I did… got one in orange??