Magura brake mod

I have modified the blade from my old Magura HS22 and fitted it to my new HS11. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the end of the original blade, as I said here , so I was going to bend it but I then thought I’d use my old HS22 as a test so if it went wrong I could go back to the original.

It didn’t go wrong and I’m really happy with the results. I’ve only tested it on the garden but it felt right strait away. I’ll put it to the test next week at BMW.

Here’s the pics.

Beautiful! Do you mind if we link to this thread at It’s a handy modification for brake users.


I don’t mind at all. Yeh sure link away.


That is nice Unicus. One question, is the front underside of the handle connected to the seat in anyway? It doesn’t look so from the pic. It may snap on you if you come down from a hard landing on it.


It is connected to the front of the seat.

The seat is a Viscount (with an air conversion) where the front bumper is originally attached with two inadequate screws that I have always replaced with machine screws and nuts. If you look at the handle there is a hole which is for access to the (larger) machine screw holding the handle and bumper to the front of the seat (dual purpose).

The handle is very solid and has stood up to many, many drops. There are some other photos of the handle and its prototype in the gallery somewhere; I can’t access the gallery at the moment though!


I still can’t access the gallery, Gilby maybe having problems with it again, if I remember it’s not designed to handle the quantity it does. BTW what software does the gallery run on?