Magura brake lines/fittings - sources?

I’ve been fighting a leaking Magura brake and need some guidance regarding possible solutions or parts sources. I have the stainless steel braided lines on HS-33’s. The leak’s at one of the fittings into a caliper. I’ve reseated the line (fresh cut), and tightened things, but the tapered compression nut/sleeve that squeezes the line over the fitting bottoms out too easily, and the leak resumes after a few rides with brake usage. So I’m concerned the nut might have become ovalized or somehow worn too large to compress the line tight enough. The line did get pulled from the caliper during CMW, so there’s a possible reason for it to have become deformed.

Anyone have other ideas, or know where I can get replacement fittings? I’d probably go for replacing both the underlying fitting as well as the compression nut just to be sure. Also, where does one get replacement stainless line? The LBS’s around here either don’t carry Magura, or just seem clueless about Magura brake repair. If they do have anything, it’s only for the plastic line stuff, not stainless. Help!


Trialsin USA is a great source for miscellaneous Magura parts. He stocks almost everything Magura. He’ll have spare fittings for the steel braided line. You can also get extra steel braided line, but the Magura braided line is expensive. You’re going to want to salvage the line that you’ve got. Give him a call and see what he can do. His number is on the web page. He’s located in NY.

Darren Bedford has also been working with the Maguras and the steel line so he likely has the necessary fittings.

Be sure to check out The Magura Cult for great info on bleeding the brake and getting it set up.

Magura also has the shop manual and technical manuals online:]Magura technical manuals There is even a tech manual for installing braided hose.

Hmmm, that link to the Magura download area got messed up. The page also uses frames so direct links are not easy. Go to and then go to the Downloads area. This link may take you there (I hope) Magura download area