Magura brake lever modifications!

Check out the mods I made to my brake lever. I just did not like the sticky out way it was. I am now working on a sleek bumper as I have hit it so many times dispite how high up it is. Does anyone know if carbon fiber can be bonded to the handle?

Thanks, Wayne.

(after brake mods) T

(before brake mods)

Cool! Are you going to be at nationals in Salt Lake City? It would be neat to see and feel that modification in person.

Oh, and here’s a proper link to the after brake mod gallery:

wow,thats pretty cool. i may have to do that. its going to be mentaly tough to hack up my Mag lever and brake post. quite the expensive venture if a mistake is made but the out come is pretty clean looking. the only thing i would do differantly is use 2 bolts instead of 1 for the lever extention.

Nice Wayne,

That’s definitely the cleanest looking Magura setup I’ve seen. Cudos for that! Since it appears to be attached by a small metal band exclusively, how stable is it when you pull the lever? Does it have play or is it as solid as a break attached to the tube in the traditional manner?

Wayne, thats cool!

I used to get the problem of the lever hitting the ground first, before the bumper, when I UPD’d. It was pritty hard to get it back far enough, but with a lever extension, it seems to work just fine. Sometimes the lever extender does hit the floor, but rarely…

As I said, nice work! :slight_smile:


Thanks all for your praises. Cutting up the brake lever is quite nervy. It was also the first thing that I had to do since I had no idea what I needed to do to fit in in the tube. I did have to manipulate the tube somewhat to get it to fit in proper. I just squished it in a vice here and there until the body fit just right. The single “band” that holds it all in the tube is just a hose clamp. It is solid. As a matter of fact the whole seat and not the lever assembly or the rail adapter flexes when you squeeze the lever. I hit it several times with UPD’s and the only thing that happened was it slid back in the tube. So this kinda had a good effect. A small screwdriver is all that is needed if it moves after an UPD. While annoying it acctually was shock absorbing and reduced the overall impact on the lever. Remember that a conventional mount does not move but I imagine that if you hit it hard enough times it will eventually break. I started making a guard but was not happy with the resulting bulk. Since I set out to make the whole setup sleeker, the last thing I wanted was to have a huge bumper in front. I am toying with the idea of a carbon fiber bumper. As I asked in the original post, does anyone know if I could bond CF to the KH handle?
I initially had two screws on the extention. I decided to shorten the overall length and just cut off the extra bits and used the same lever extension with the one screw. It is quite strong. Once I get a proper guard/bumper there will definately be no need for two screws. I can’t acctually say that I am finished because I seem to always find something to change with anything that I do.
John, I will not be in Utah. I will however be at the California Mountain Unicycle weekend in September.

Thanks again Wayne.