Magura brake leaking, needs new tube i think?

Help Help!

Well my Back…I mean my magura is leaking pretty badly, and i think i need some new tubing for it, it pretty much broken off at one of the connecters. And i belive this is called the “crossover” tube, not the long one. It came…i mean i have a bleed kit, and it has some tubes, but i dont know if those tubes are ment as replacments or not. Help! Where can i get tubing? I heard jess just got some tubing at a local store, but i remember reading he had to heat it or something to get it to shrink over the connecter? What do i do!!!

The Magura tech manuals are available for download at the Magura web page in the service section. Here’s a link to the 2006 manual (in PDF): 2006 rim brake workshop manual

If your brake has the type of fitting that uses the little olive (a little compression ring that fits around the tube, see the workshop manual to see what it is) you’ll need to get replacement olives cause they can’t be reused. A bike shop may have them is stock if you’re lucky, otherwise they can order them and get them pretty quick. They can also get additional plastic hose if necessary.

The workshop manual explains how to fit the new hose on the fittings and get the brake all functioning again.

The Magura Cult page is another good source of info.

PM me, I’ll send you one free (assuming it is the plastic kind).

Wait, when did you get maguras?

“Well my Back…I mean my magura is leaking pretty badly”

WTF is that supposed to mean? Go to a hardware store and follow Jess’ tutorial.

It is supposed to mean that it is his rear brake on the trials bike he just got.


That happened to the brake on my bike, when you fall or lean the bike on it’s side depending on pedal position, the crossover line is the first thing to hit the ground. you can stop this by using a booster. but do yourself a favor, get v adapters and avid ultimates instead.

Heh, Yeah, Right now i have the single bolt addapters on my maggies, and my frame has V-brake mounts. So today im getting some V’s, Can you reccomend a good kind? Avid ultimates i guess? I hear that its not so much the liner pull brake that affects preformance, but the pads. Koxx bloxx?

a well set up v brake has just as much power as magura.

Avid ultimate calipers are the best hands down.
any cable lever will work but, shimano xtr’s, or any of the avid speed dials are recomended.
xtr housing, or if you have the cash get nokon.
experiment with pads to find which one works best for you. Heatsink pads have been getting good reviews.

How about Plazmatic CRV Pads? I’m just browing webcyclery because i have ordered from them before. Plus i dont know any other online trials parts supplyers.

crv’s will stop you

Where can i get heatsinks? Are they cheaper than crvs?

heatsinks are the shit. I dont know about there v pads though but there mag ones rock my socks

37$ the cnc backing is reusable so you just replace the rubber.