Magura Brake Help? :O

I’ve been looking around and I can’t seem to find the length of the cross-over line for the standard Hs33 magura brake. It seems like people prefer 10" but what exactly is the length of the line on this brake?
I know that people like the 10" line because it has more clearance for a knobby 3" tire but will the standard length work as well? How much difference does it make?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The standard ones that come on factory brakes from Magura are 8.25" (measured form end of cut tubing to end of cut tubing) and they are more likely to get snagged on stuff because they end up too close to the tire - and are too tight of a fit for even 2.35" or 2.5" tires. I think UDC also picked up on this and all of their crossover tubes on their brakes are now 10" as well.

If you want something freaky short or long for a project, I can make one up for you. Just let me know. Crossovers are $10 shipped and come with the fittings attached - ready to install on your uni. I also have bleed kits for $22 shipped.

Let me know if you need anything.


Thanks :slight_smile: Will do.

well, the specs for all the brakes with steel crossovers have the length as 10" but the standard one doesn’t specify D: