Magura Brake Boss Specs?

Does anyone have the specs on the magura brake mounts? Such as the ones Scott Wallis attached to the wilder muni? I am making some strap on ones for my yuni frame and would like to see which would work better, that or a custom design.

Re: Magura Brake Boss Specs?

First question: Is there a reason you aren’t using the ones that come with the magura braze on kit? Welding them on would be easier and better than strapping.
The ones I use on Wilders, I CNC from aluminum as seen in the gallery of the first installation: Lyte Ryder Brakes
I can give you dimensions if you need them. Do you already have the two-bolt clamp rings? If you have to buy them they will come with the steel braze-ons.


The ones UDC sells are steel right?

I was talking to Bevan about this also. He likes to do things himself, and I’d rather give him my money than (as long as its less…I only need the bosses).

Then again…welding is prolly better, and not that difficult.

Yes, they are steel.

I am sure Bevan would not accept money from you as it would go against his socialistic belieif that everyone should be supplied with everything they need and things like profits and patents are very bad. :roll_eyes: Sorry, I’m not a big fan of Stalin.


Bevan and Obie,

In spite of my above rant, I have a couple of sets of the steel mounts that came with the UDC kits that you can have if it will help. If Bevan is planning to make the entire clamp assembly, you are on your own there.


Haha. I’m not much of a fan of Stalin either, but I thought those two qutes were rather creepy, and I needed something new to replace my pre-election propoganda.

Wouldn’t the belief you just described be communism? I don’t believe in that, I just believe in helping people fufill their basic needs, although it really pisses me off when people cheat the system. But that has nothing to do with brake bosses.

I would be making my own because I would most likely be making them from aluminum so I could weld them to my frame. Also, strapping them is nice because there’s always room for adjustment. Also, I don’t have any montung hardware, so I would end up making a boss that didn’t need it (like SH’s muni frame at Moab). BTW, I checked out that gallery of your Scott. Those are excellent bosses. But then again, wouldn’t it have been easier just to mahine them by hand?

Scott, I wouldn’t mind buying one of those sets (or just paying shipping, you decide…) , but please give Kev them if you only have one set.

Kev, I’d take the deal Scott just offered. I just have one question about it. I would MIG the bosses on. Is there any reason why people braze them?

The only thing that’s creepy is that you would choose to quote Stalin in your sig line.

You said you are putting them on your Yuni frame, and Yuni = steel, hence the confusion.

As for being easier to machine manually, hardly anything is easier to machine manually, especially if you are making more than one. This way I can set up and run several sets at a time when I need them.

I can just put them in an envelope and mail them to you. I still have your address. I have two sets so Kevin can have one also, just email me your address if you want them.

MIG welding them on is great. I think the term “braze ons” just kind of carried over from the bicycle industry, but any form of welding is fine.


Re: Re: Magura Brake Boss Specs?

I love that project S Wallis. It’s all like, VROOOOM! Engineer!:smiley:

<---- Studying mechanical engineering.

Funny you should mention that.

The yuni frame is temporary until I finish the aluminum frame. I was thinking I may want to just strap them onto the yuni frame until I finish the aluminum frame, and then remove them and weld them to the aluminum one. But then again I could always just machine in the bosses directly to the fork legs. I think that’s what I’ll do.

I would like those bosses of you wouldn’t mind sending them. I can pay you for shipping if you’d like.

Good to know about the cnc. I guess it’s nice also because you can do away with rotary bases for nearly every project. Most of the work I do is only 1 or 2 offing stuff, so I don’t really need to cnc it. But then again, I thinkI may begin looking into what it’d take to program something in cnc. Do you think it’d be possible to make a cnc machine with adaquate access to servos and other such parts (gearboxes, etc)? That would be a heck of a project…

Thanks for clearing up the braze-on thing. I had started wondering when I saw a site talking about braze-on titanium parts.