Magura brake adjustment

You’re definitely going to have to “bleed” your brake after you finish adjusting the length of tubing. See:

for starters on that. Also, most likely, you’re going to have to use a new barbed fitting to put into the shortened tubing as it is unlikely you’ll be able to reuse the existing fitting (you can try but it’s a devil to get it out of the old tubing and then there is always the possibility of leaks) so do yourself a favor and get one of the “bleed kits” magura sells that comes with all the little replacement bits.

I can tell you it’s a lot of trouble messing with all that tubing, if you can get by with a longer tube by just wrapping it around your seat post I’d do that, the real issue is having enough length on the cross-over tube (the tube that connects both brake cylinders).

Also I will say I had a lot of trouble “bleeding” my adjusted brakes (I too bought some more tubing to give a better fit of the brake lines for my KH24), I don’t think I had all the right little bits and pieces to do it right. My solution, which I copied from others on this forum, was to use good old water as brake fluid and just did the whole bleeding process in a large bucket full of water. Done and done it was a snap! WARNING if you ride in sub-freezing weather be advised your brake line will freeze! I experienced this last weekend when I noticed my brake pads were rubbing on the rim sometimes when I was climbing. I went to pull the brake lever and it wouldn’t move! FROZEN! I kind of laughed as I remembered I’d used water in the brake line. I’ve had no brake trouble for almost 8 months now, the water has worked perfectly. No problem, it rarely gets below freezing around here anyways!! I imagine one could use a different solution other than pure water to avoid the freeze issue, perhaps some anti-freeze? But don’t take my word on that all I know is water works fairly well.