Magura braided line fittings replacement

Hi everybody,

I got my hands on a Magura braided line kit and during installation, I have been to brutal when tightening it to one caliper and the fitting broke :frowning:

I managed to get a replacement caliper. But for the fitting, I thought at first that there was no hope. After a careful examination, I realized that one end of the line had a removable fitting and it was the one I broke !!

The problem is: I haven’t been able to find online any reference for a replacement fitting for the braided line (because it is different from the ones used on regular lines).

Does anybody know where I can find such spare part ?

I will post a pic of the line and the fitting detached ASAP.

Thanks in advance =)

Your best bet is to send a PM to brycer1968. He’s the guy who sells all the OEM and used magura parts.

I have asked him as part of my cry for help right away. Turns out he is mainly dealing with standard line as he hasn’t noticed any major improvement in strength between the two (and maybe the larger availability of part for the regular line).

I know that maybe the answer will be “no hope” or “find somebody with a line broken on the other end to salvage the part”.

Worth a try :wink:

I broke a similar fitting when my uni fell on a rock, snapped it off at the caliper, called UDC and they had no spares, so you will probably need to order a replacement direct from Magura assuming they are the ones who built the kit.

Oh man . . . . This thread highlights one of the biggest drawbacks of the braided line. Tinney, brittle ends that are hard to find replacements for. I have removed more broken stainlesss braided lines and broken fittings from uni brakes than i have ever installed.

Adding to that, there are multiple manufacturers of the braided line kits and the hardware isn’t always interchangeable between brands . . . . frustrating

The one stainless braided upgrade that I have had a universally good expereince with is the Plazmatic braided crossover. Super durable and steel ends that are the same material (steel) and quality as Magura’s fittings.


Thanks for your insight on this Brycer.

Turns out that braided line are far from everybody think they are then… And it seems also difficult to know the compatibility with each other without a clue about the brand ;(

Maybe with Nurse Ben’s broken and mine, there is a possibility to get a braided line back in business.

@Brycer: I will check what I have left and might be ordering you a caliper-to-caliper line to go with the braided line I have (and I will motivate myself to go to the post-office :wink: ). I will PM you with details ASAP.

It is not as nice as replacement fitting, but there is some braided lines kit showing up on eBay:

I would only have use for the caliper-to-caliper line so if somebody is interested by the lever-to-caliper, we can split the kit to reduce the price (as plan B).

It is just sad to think that is easier to get the whole package than just a replacement part :confused:

Thanks Sidd. To further muddy the water, and a note of caution: some, but not all of the early Magura and Goodrich braided line kits had the M6 and M8 fittings reversed at the slaves, so you had to run two M6/M8 slaves to make the lines kit work - or was it two M6/M6 slaves???. . .either way, it was maddening to have to mess with all that and the few installs I was asked to help with, were no fun. . . If anyone has any questions or needs Magura fittings/parts (and I have a few of the really old braided line fittings here too), feel free to PM me. My cell/text is 503-358-2252

I noticed that the fitting order was different from the standard line I had. Let’s call the thin threaded fitting M8 and the large threaded fitting M6:

the standard line was M8 - M8 (lever to caliper), M6 - M6 (caliper to caliper) and the two bleeding ports are M6.

However, the braided kit I got is M8 - M6 for both lines. So it requires to cross over and it isn’t possible to mix-match with a standard without altering a line (or making a standard line with the same unusual combination).

My braided line is with Bryce I believe, either that or I threw it away.

The Magura lines and fitting work fine once you learn how to install the tips into the line.

I can’t really find fault with the Magura plastic lines other than they can be kinda stiff. I tried to use Magura’s more flexible disc brake line but it didn’t work out.

Goodridge! I managed to find all my fittings for my Magura brake at a local bikeshop. Goodridge makes them all!

I have like 2ft of spare goodridge braided line if you need some.

Thanks Jaco_flans for the tip, it creates some hope for using braided lines and their fittings looks easy to install (by screwing system instead of the forced fitting).

They also have only the fitting kits (with colors for the most bling-bling of us):

Still a bit $$ for just one fitting (and will require to cut current fitting receiver end to put this system instead) but better than throwing away and starting from scratch…

Last time I needed some I was able to track down a tech rep at Magura USA and he found and shipped some to me. Try (800) 448-3876. I will PM you his name and extension.

Why not use plastic lines

The plastic lines are fine, everybody agree on that.

I just had a hard time re-adjusting the line to the proper length because the barbed fitting are a pain in the saddle to get in (and yes, I know that it might be me).

And last time I put the brakes on, they were soggy (maybe a bleeding problem). And when I got it off the unicycle, I started to suspect my lever-to-caliper line to have a leak. I gave the braided line kit a spin and the rest is my struggle ending in this post.

And yes, I am frustrated not to leave nearby Brycer otherwise I would have rely on his craftsmanship earlier in the process and would be using my set instead of contemplating it apart.

And here is the promised pic :smiley:

The left part is the broken fitting disassembled from the line.
The right part is the un-removable fitting that usually fit the lever.

I would say start contacting people

I already shot an email to the sales person that adelman gave me the info.

Waiting for the answer… :confused:

I will post any news I get from this channel.

Related story: Last year, I couldn’t find the parts for repairing/adapting a set of older braided brake lines, so I cut and welded two stainless metric brake fittings together with my tig welder to make the piece that I couldn’t find. (low amps, super thin tungsten and pulser on to keep the heat low). It worked great, but its not something that I want to repeat.

Okay, I got some news from the Magura rep I contacted. He sent me pics of the replacement fittings along with the references and prices ($31 for the M8 and $23 for the M6).

They are supposed to be available directly on Magura USA.

I replied him to tell him they are not found (yet?) on the Magura webstore.

Upside: there seems to be hope to replace the fittings on BOTH ends of the lines
Downside: they are at least as expensive as the Goodridge fittings linked earlier in the thread.

Stay tuned for a link to the store that list them :slight_smile: :wink: