Magura Blue? What did I buy!

Hey All,

I’m relatively new to the forums/unicycling and have a question that I couldn’t find an answer to after a quick search. I bought a full Magura rim brake set on eBay but I don’t know what they are, ie, HS11 - HS 33. The lever has Magura Blue written on it, there is no thumb adjustment knob, and they are blue (obviously!).

Since i only need one set I’m going to sell the other to recoup some $$$ and I just want to know how I could list them to get maximum dollars back. If not they go in the parts drawer!

Whatever they are, they work great and what a difference a brake makes going down steep trails. It’s like a walk in the park!

Thanks for any info.


How much are you wanting to sell it for?

Corbin, I just PM’d you

I would keep the other set, eventually youll get another uni you want breaks on.