Magnificent Obsessions- 47 Mountain Unicycles

27 min documentary on history of Muni w/ lots of footage @ Moab. It’s targeted mostly to those new to Muni or even never heard of or conceived there could be such a thing.

Really good. I just wish they showed more that one could avoid most injuries if they wear the proper gear. They imply you will likely have many serious injuries (I’ve never had more than a few mild scratches thanks to all the gear I wear)

Clicked hoping to see a guy with 47 unicycles… :smiley: Cool vid though - that video was blocked in my country but there’s a few other uploads on YouTube!

Pretty awesome documentary. It’s good to see that the sport has been growing steadily. :slight_smile:

Not sure if the smiley there means you’re being sly or what. But yeah the “Moab '08” T-shirts make me think this happened a while ago. There are a lot of fresh eager faces there, hopping onto The Next Big Thing when mountain unicycling seemed to be that.

I got a kind of bittersweet feeling from it. I wonder how many of those unicyclists still ride, and I think you’d see a different profile at a muni gathering these days. It didn’t turn out to be a massive trend but maybe it’s grown into being it’s own thing, appreciated more now for what it is and not so much what it might turn out to be.

And like Piece Maker, I was also expecting to see 47 unicyclists or someone who had 47 unicycles. :slight_smile:

No, that wasn’t a sarcastic smile, I was being serious.

What makes you think that some of those unicyclists might not ride anymore? I can definitely see how the difficulty of learning to ride would steer someone away, but now that I’ve personally overcome that obstacle, I can’t see myself stopping any time in the near future.

Sure, and my comment wasn’t about me or you. We’re both posting here so we’re part of a self-selected group. Skilewis74 commented on injuries and proper gear, and I also noticed how little protection most of them wore. It made me think they weren’t veterans, and that maybe a lot of them were quick learners more than long-timers.

People really do make big investments in gear and learning for a hobby and let it drop. I’m heading out to rollerblade–er, I mean “inline skate” in a few minutes. Who still does that? I’ve run through a half dozen boom-and-bust cycles in running and I know of too many multi-thousand-dollar carbon road bikes collecting dust in garages since their owners realized they’d never be Lance Armstrong, and he never really was either. And from posts and comments in older threads before I started unicycling or joined this site, there was definitely a different vibe 8 or 10 years ago versus now. I might be projecting that idea onto the video a bit, but it seems like there’s some of that same kind of exuberance there.

Again, nothing to do with you or me. But there wasn’t even an official Moab Munifest this year, right? The bittersweet part to me was the difference between where it might have seemed to be heading in 2008 and where it is now. Not better or worse. Someone riding now might more likely be in it for the long haul, less because “it’s gonna be huge” and they’re at the front of the parade.

OK, maybe more there than needed to be said about it, but hey, we do it because it’s worth doing, not because of whether or not it’s headed for the moon.

Augie had an unofficial Moab shirt from this year. I think the reason it was not official had to do with organizational legalities. I don’t know how the numbers of participants have varied over the years. A bunch of riders at AZ mUni weekend were talking about attending Moab. I’ll have to try it.

I was also confused about the number of riders without adequate safety gear. I suppose kids heal faster, fall less far, weigh less. In one of the clips, the organizer was asking everyone if they had a helmet. Later, his daughter was showing off her bloody knee. Falls…who woulda thunk?

Was 2008 the date this was filmed? Anybody remember what happened in late 2008? That’s when the banking industry practically brought down our financial system and was bailed out without any significant reform (and now they’re at it again, “fixing the fix”). I’m wondering if the economy has anything to do with the relative popularity of Moab-type events, which fall into discretionary spending.

I have been unicycling for 14 months and am continuing to improve. I have been able to improve without significantly adding risks. The video seemed to focus a lot on risk-taking, particularly on the rocky drops of Moab. I wonder if some riders reach a point of real or perceived diminishing returns in the risk/reward equation. For example, if getting better means taking the four-foot drop, maybe some riders don’t want to risk the injury.

I don’t think the video did a great job of promoting the sport. I guess the real point of the video was to keep couch potatoes from changing channels before the next advertisement.

It was my impression too, that they focused too much on injuries. Like that guy who said he broke literally every bone in his body. Ok that may happen. But this is not the normal injury-rate for a common muni rider. They showed the sport as something really dangerous. they should have told, that you can run ot the most UPDs and mostly land on your feet, while bikers fall over their handlebars and hurt themselves really bad.

On the other Hand, it’s nice to see a documentary on muni riding in popular TV.