Magnificent Mondays

here is a decent video I made, its not my best, but im learning a bunch of new tricks right now

Magnificent Mondays (I don’t remember why i called it that, maybe I never will, OH WELL

i have to ask. do you ride with 2 grindplates, because thats what it looks like. and if you do have 2, can you use both of them?

Even if you couldn’t use both of them it would probably be smart to have two just to keep the weight distribution equal.

That little weight wouldn’t really make a difference, it would be the kind of thing you get used to quick if it did. I’m missing almost half of my right pedal but I don’t notice a weight difference.

all that it does is make it so one pedal ends up down. thats not really a big deal for pretty much anything but the jump mount Skrobo does.

Why did you play so many clips more than once though?


man… with this new movie forum i’m gonna have a lot of work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, abba.

Dude, you can jump really far. Props.

Agreed…did you ever figure out if you can beat the record?
And if you can, are you officially gonna go for it?

yeah, i can, but im going to wait until I can jump like 11 feet consistently before i go for the record

wow thats pretty cool you can jump really far. You should have used more of the switchfoot that song is really good. Your uni reminds me of my two friends 05 dx’s that got stollen :frowning:

I don’t think you will be able to

Enjoyed your long jump! Some guys from the original thread must be feeling stupid right about now!

Anyway, I loved the mount. I haven’t seen it before, how hard was it to learn?

thanks for the props :slight_smile:

umm, the mount was really not that hard to learn, it is scary tho, because it smashes your leg REALLY hard if you land on it, i think more so than a unspin miss… especially when you miss it down a 3 stair

once you get the mount it is super easy, but its hard to land it every time, sometimes you just land wrong and fall off, especially if the wheel spins @ all


and the encouragement award goes to…


Ufortunately he couldn’t attend the ceremony tonight, but he has sent his fridge! A round of applause for Spencer’s fridge!

::whistling and clapping::

(Girl in background) I love you Spencer!!

sorry if that was dumb

I really hate to be nasty but if you want a tip on the video then here it goes. Stop doing the same exact thing over and over, if you’re going to make a movie that long, at least have something besides rolling hops and cool mounts. It just got really boring to see you do the same rolling hop 7 times and the same mount. Now don’t get me wrong you have a freaking amazing rolling hop but don’t get carried away.