magnetic pedals anyone ever tried these ? just interested …


i’d rather have a nimbus than some magnetic pedals

I would rather get some clip-in pedals.

That’s weird! I was just thinking about something like that yesterday, also maybe with magnets in the soles. I had no idea that it already existed! Not sure if it’s really a good idea though :roll_eyes: Grinding on metal rails would certainly get a lot harder…

DUDE LMAO!!! i’m so waiting for some idiot on youtube to try that! XD

that would be kinda cool, magnets and a few pins and wide platforms and we have the perfect trials pedal.

minus the overlooked thing - you wouldnt be able to get up from a pedal grab.

Only if you land on something metal.

You could get a sweet frictionless grind if you had a rail of the opposite polarity.

For only $255!:stuck_out_tongue:

how often do you pedal grab on magnetic metal? Plus the magnetic strip could be on just one side of the pedal…

I mean i pretty much only ever pedal grab concrete/bricks and palets. In fact i’ve never pedal grabbed metal… or wait there was a skip or two…

I think they would be suited much more to road and muni, i wouldnt like the thought of my foot being stuck to the pedal while doing trials tbh

It could be quite useful for long distance because you can get the same effect as a clip on pedal without having to worry about upd complications