Magnesium Titanium Pedals.

Koxx one is selling these for the hefty price of 229 euros, that’s 356 dollars! I’d rather buy a nimbus with moments than a pair of pedals.

Even lighter than the plastic pedals, but too damn expensive to even matter.

If anyone wants to know where, its at


Aren’t these pedals on ebay for $100? lol This proves how overpriced all koxx-one stuff is.

These are rebranded Welgo MG1s with Titanium spindles. Welgo did a titanium batch a few years ago, but everywhere is sold out. I’m not paying that much for a pedal that is worth around $100. You can buy MG1s for $40 on ebay.

nothing more to say.

Thanks a lot brendan, I’m buying some!

i considered it but they aren’t that much less than my mag slim jims, but they do look mighty fine. would bring my uni down to 4.75kg…

And mine to 4.5;)

what uni you got?