Magical day in the Colorado High Country

The Colorado Mountains were shining in their majestic splendor today. A fast moving storm yesterday layed down a nice fresh blanket of powder, which then gave way to a fantasicly clear night of star gazing. After spending a wonderful day on the mountain telemark ski patrolling yesterday, I knew that I Sunday would have to MUni down the mountain,so I got myself pumped up for a MUni adventure down Highlands Ski Area.I usually try to go for it 2 or 3 times every ski season, typically in March. Neither my son nor daughter could go today, so I headed up the lifts by myself. As usual, the looks from the skiing public were priceless as I rode up to the chairlift and got on. The air temperature was very mild, 27F/2.7C. The sky color was the classic deep Colorado Blue, and there was just a hint of wind. Two chairlift rides up with a off duty ski schooler friendof mine, and I was at 11,600’/3536 meters, the top of the mountain. Actually, at Highlands you can hike to Highland Peak 12,362’/3768 meters and ski down from there. A few pictures from our ski patrol headquarters deck, and off I went down the mountain. The run was absolutely incredible! The fresh powder from Saturday made for a perfect top layer, with a firm base underneath. The rush of controlled slides down the steep, not real steep, slopes was cool. Pedal, pedal, then go neutral and slide, quite fun. I’d stop, and of course a crowd of people would surround me, and it would be a Q & A session for awhile. I was in no hurry to get down, so I’d stop and just look around, and be so grateful of where I was and what I was doing. One top to bottom run for me was enough, allot of pedalling going downhill. Please PM me if you are interested in joining me in two weeks, (I know Moab MMF weekend) or possibly three weeks as I will do it again. It is something that I have worked out with the Mountain Manager, so we need to go about it the right way. I want to be able to do for years to come. I have attached a few photos, enjoy. :smiley:
Total vertical down 3800’/1158 meters
Length of run approx. 3 miles/4.8 kilometers

pic #2

pic #3 Cheers!

Great pics, as usual Mike. Someday I’d love to join you for the telly/uni day.

Great story and pics, thanks!

BTW: My family and I will be in Durango for two weeks from July 7 - 21 visiting my brother. Any chance you’ll be in the area at that time? A Muni ride with you and possibly some of the others in that area would round off my vacation quite nicely.

Durango is an awesome place for adventure, any type! Maybe I can get down that way for some MUni. It will be a great trip for you and your family, have you signed up for the train yet?

Yeah, it would be great to have you here, tele and ski area MUni in the same day is pretty epic. Good luck in your hillclimbs this year!

Mike, you’re my hero.

My brother, Chris, who I believe you met at last years Iron Horse Classic, is handling the details of our vacation. The DSNGR&R is a definite. My four boys are exstatic over the thought of riding the train. I’ve had the opportunity to ride the train several times on previous visits and it is truly one of America’s great adventures.

I’ll pm you as we get closer to July to see if you’ll be able to make it down for some riding. Until then, cheers!


I’m currently not skilled enough nor in shape enough to do this this year. Offer the same invite next year and I’ll be there!

What kind of tire are you running on your MUni?


Ps. My 36" is in the mail!

wow really nice pictures

It is the 3.0 Duro wildlife leapord, and at very low air pressure. u have a whole year to get ready for ski area MUni, so don’t miss out. Get ready for a new fun experiance with your 36er :slight_smile:

thx, glad u liked them.


FYI It looks like closing day at Highlands, April 1st will be the next ski area MUni event, please pm me if anyone is interested. Cheers.

Beautiful shots, Mike.

Makes me ask, what the hell am I doing living in New Jersey?