Magic Wheel? Or BC Wheel with a stabaliser?

I think this was in a photo in the last Uni Magazine, but I can’t remember seeing anything else about it anywhere. Looks like fun though.


That looks pointless.

So… a BC wheel with a training wheel… and a bit of a frame…

I guess it could be fun… didn’t look extremely durable… could be flat out scary to ride down a significant hill…


No hops in their video, no sell to me :frowning:

I wouldn’t buy it anyways, BC Wheel is just as easy.

Just looks like a scooter with a bigger wheel.
Not far different from one of those crappy things that were popular in about 2000-1

Ever taken one of “those crappy things” to a skatepark? They are loads of fun.

Haha, the skaters get so mad.

And then laugh when you fall on your ass.

looks kinda fun?

looks really really easy to build :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Scootering is fun,

Haha, no offence to the “scooterer” but that is really lame. I will admit though, he has very good taste in music! (Song=FCPREMIX by: The Fall Of Troy.)

Wow, that is pretty crazy

When you show them up on a scooter.

Kinda like riding a unicycle, eh?

You could hold the handle and hop by the looks of it

i like how you reject scooters just like people reject unicycles. surely its just the same??

What i’ve been thinking. It’s just a sport that people wouldn’t expect to exist.

It looks like a thick inline skateboard/BC.

kindof what I was thinking.