Magic Eye

Mikael, Zach and I had fun riding today. Enjoy this shorty.

Awesome video again! I’ve really liked this one and ‘Get Free’:smiley:

Was :53 a kiwi twist?

ps. I love Mikael’s (I think) hair:p

Thanks dude. It’s appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, it was a Kiwi Twist :stuck_out_tongue:

Emile, you got a nice flow to all of your riding that I absolutely love. And your editing is always a joy to watch. I really like the kiwi twist, I’m definitely going to try these now.

My favorite thing was the tire step over-sidejump. Very impressive. Although I wish it wasn’t in slow motion.

Am I the only one who gets disappointed when cool tricks are shown ONLY in slow motion?

Thanks a lot colby. It really puts a smile on my face when I read comments like that.

Nope, you arn’t. I think it’s too long when tricks are shown in slow mo AND in normal motion. It’s got to be either one way or the other. Except if it’s a very big trick of if you have more than one angle.

Oh, your welcome:p

Yeah, I got off of that habit thankfully. If you remember I would show stupid stuff in slowmotion and regular, but I kinda got off slowmotion now, and like the regular speed of riding. Anyways, that video was totally BA, and I want more. You should make a video where you put freestyle tricks in with trials. Treestyle. :smiley:


That was awesome. Mik’s 5spin-5spin was really nice, and Emile I like you’re footjam tricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome video emile! I realy enjoy watching your videos
btw, nice hotel door fish eye :D:D:D

my first unispin at the end !!! :smiley:

BA? My circus holiday break is over in one week so I doubt I will make more :o Maybe one vid of the ride we’ll have Jan 10th at the Taz.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank Toni =)

Yeah that was my set-up for yesterday’s ride:

Doesn’t work so good with a big lens, but if you have a tiny lens, like on digital cameras, it will work somewhat good.

Here is the result with a digital camera, much better. (Please ignore the little blurry spot, the lens wasn’t clean)

what did you use to case the door viewer?? ive seen people use craft foam but yours looks wayy nicer!

It’s a cap from a re-usable water bottle. Idk how you call it in english.

:okay, i think we just call them water bottles haha. It looks really proffesional, good job :slight_smile:

HAhahahah, good one.