Maggies or V-brake on a 36"?

Alright, I’m going to get another Triton frame…this time a 36".

Although I hardly ever use a brake, I’d like to have brake mounts as an option for Coker Muni and the occasional steep road ride. There are few situations where I think it might come in handy.

Just have to decide whether to have Magura mounts or V-brake/cantilever type mount welded on the frame. I have an Odyssey A brake already which has been gathering dust in the drawer. I also have a set of Maguras which are sitting unused on my 24" Muni.

Those of you who run brakes on your 36"…what are your thoughts on this?

I just use a BMX calliper on my 36 - just needs a hole through the crown. Tidy and very cheap. And probably a bit lighter than Maguras (as you’re known to be a bit of a weight weenie ;))

But if you’re thinking of Vs or Maguras, if you get Magura mounts fitted to the frame you can screw canti adapters into the lower holes if you decide to go with Vs. The top mounts will be pretty much obscured by the V brake anyway so it won’t look too untidy, and the extra weight of the top mounts will be insignificant.

That’s what I’d do anyway - although I think even if I was replacing my (very cheap) 36 with a new one I’d still probably use a BMX calliper.


yeah magura mounts if you’re not sure - if you use v brakes on magura mounts it looks and works okay. if you put maguras on v brake mounts it is a right hassle to set up and looks minging.


The adaptors you speak of, they are something like this?

are there better or recommended ones out there?

Or these:

The US version of UDC apparently does not have them. I just bought a used coker and live on a very long and steep hill and would like brakes for when I commute to work. I’m sure you’ve inferred by now that I can’t afford maggies.

Seager: Yes that’s the type of thing. Those adaptors on CRC might work as long as the thread is right to fit the Magura bosses. But if you want cheap, easy and effective I’d say go for a BMX calliper - you can pick them up for next to nothing and they work fine. All you need to do is drill a hole through the crown of the frame for the mounting bolt. Make sure you get a front brake (the bolt will be too short on a rear one) and check the amount of drop (vertical distance from the bolt to the brake blocks) is enough. Most brakes meant for BMX are big enough. If you’re using a steel rim it’s worth getting hold of some leather faced brake blocks - they work much better especially in the wet (not as easy to get as they used to be now people don’t use steel rims on bikes much, but still available if you look - my LBS still stocks a couple of pairs).


Thanks for the info. I don’t want to drill the frame and may upgrade to maggies later, so the adapter probably is a better fix for me.

I do have a steel rim, as well. It’s a pretty old-school coker wheel.

I doubt you’ll find any Magura blocks that work too well on a steel rim if it’s damp - you’ll be OK in the dry. I’m not sure if you can get leather V-brake blocks either. Rubber blocks on steel rims in the wet are next to useless.


hmm… definately good to know since I live in rain city, USA. Good think I’ll have my trusty bike for a backup. Thanks for the warning.

Hey Ken,
I recently switched from magura’s to a simple cable brake (from a kids bike). I prefer the cable brake, as it is less prone to accidental biting – especially when riding down rough terrain. Plus, the Nimbus frame tends to flex a little bit, so the maguras would rub against the wheel on really (really really) steep inclines. However, the Ti frame may flex less (or not at all), so that may no longer be an issue.

I’d say go with the magura mounts, and then use an adapter if the magura’s don’t work out. But, give both a try.


magura v-brake adaptors are something like this

the second thing posted above, not the marzocchi thing (which won’t work).

The adaptors aren’t worth going for on a cost basis if you already have a frame with magura mounts, if you are stuck for money, buying a 2nd hand magura makes much more sense. I paid £15-£20 for each of my HS33s including postage, which is only about the same as a v-brake, and less than adaptor plus v-brakes. Just watch ebay and bid on the ones that aren’t at stupid prices at the last minute.