Magazine Muni articles - previously?


A freelance outdoors writer that I have worked with in the past wants to “pitch” an article on MUni to a magazine.

He wanted to know if any magazines like Men’s Journal or Outside, etc. have done any stories on MUni.

I am not aware of any, but that’s why I need ya’all for help.

Anyone know?


im not sure about thsoe magazines but my dad showed me in a fitness magazine a while back that had an article on muni.


Try reading through this thread:

it the person to ask is kris holm since he is pretty popular so if any articles have been written he would know

Dirt Rag did an article about muni. See this thread.

And there is the April 1997 article in Atlantic Monthly about George Peck. Unfortunately the online version of that article is no longer available.

Just stoking the thread

Later Gents

Magazine coverage that I’ve kept track of:

Weekly World News - March 20, 2001
Three pictures and a short article that covered some of the history and background of mountain unicycling. Including quotes by George Peck and Brett Bymaster.

Mountain Bike - August 2002
Picture of Kris Holm in Mexico. A short description by Kris on five steps to learning how to ride a unicycle.

Mens Fitness - June/July 2004
A good picture of Kris Holm. A good picture of Karl Thompson. A short article about riding at Moab and a very brief history of MUni.

Dirt Rag - Issue 97 11/15/02
Article submitted by David Maxfield about riding a mountain unicycle.

Mountain Bike - April 2003
A picture of Scott Cooper and a short story about Scott Cooper. In their Me And My Bike section.

Mountain Bike - January 2002
Kris mentioned as best freerider in their The Best. Two sentences. A small poor quality picture.

National Geographic Adventure - December 2001
Picture of Nathan and Kris on Pico de Orizaba in Mexico. Short article that was just one long paragraph.

Outdoor Photographer - February 2002
Expect The Unexpected. A small picture of Kris. An article about photography where the writer mentions a chance encounter with a group of unicyclists riding up White Mountain Peak (14,246 feet) and getting a totally unexpected shot and subject.

Dirt Rag - Issue 72 - 5/15/99
Picture of David Poznanter at the Sea Otter Classic

Bike - July 1999
A picture on the back page of a random unicyclist riding down a scree field. The shot is tilted to make it look steeper than it is.

There have also been some newspaper articles that go in to more depth than the magazine articles.

There haven’t been any really good magazine articles (that I know of) about muni since the Atlantic Monthly article back in 97.

There was this thread. Looks like the article link has gone bad. Go to and click on Fall 2003. That will open a pdf, the article is on page 3.

men’s fitness…june/july 2004

Last year, a french bike magazine (“Vélo vert”, the first one in Mountain bike) did a 9-pages article about Muni