MafiaMike's YouTube Videos

Hey all, it’s nothing special…yet. I just started back in September '06, but I am now using a YouTube account for posting videos. I’ll let you guys know when I add new videos.

There’s only 3 on there now, just short clips from last weekend. Comments (here or YouTube) are appreciated!

Looks good man. We got to ride sometime.


Very nice. Im guessing those were from sunday.

Yep. I wanted to get a good shot dropping in then hitting the grind on the bank, but I hate having to make someone film so I just set up the tripod.


Added my older footage, just a bunch more single trick short clips.

The OKC skatepark had like no one there in those clips? Man i must be going at the wrong times…when I go, its always packed! Good job man, we definitely all have to make a movie together.


Yeah man, we have good timing I guess. There was only us at the OKC park, and then some bikers in the bowls. When we went to Edmond, there was less than 10 other people there the entire time we were there.

Everyone just has to show up at the skatepark to see Kelly Hickman. It’s the price of fame. lol.

Fame ha. I ain’t got nothing.


you should just collect alot of clips put them together add good music and make a movie. that would be alot better to watch (not saying its not good to watch as it is).

Yeah, I have a very loose collection of stuff. I’m about to put together a video from yesterday, it’ll be a couple minutes long. I’ve never editted before, we’ll see what happens. Most of it’s not really worth watching.

Tried some editting, just for Marky. Check it out.


A few new videos.

Not bad, the riding was a bit better than the edditing;) better than a lot of others, for your first time.

I think you should have put in your home trials shots in there.