MADventure - Colby Danger Thomas & Matthew Spicy Pederson

Hey guys!

On Friday I got my replacement camera so Danger and I had a short sesh and then I made a video from it. :smiley:

If you like it, please leave a comment. :slight_smile:

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Colby’s getting kinda creative, I like it. I was definitely missing some double dream hands action though. And your flat triple was sick Matthew!

Thanks! :smiley: I just couldn’t put double dream hands in there because it’s just too awesome for anybody to handle.

Nice video, the tripleflip was awesome! And that 900 was clean!

copying songs from videos from other sports is fine, i do it, but copying a video title… from the same video with the song you copied? maybe pushing it a little too far perhaps?

also you lacked some adventure in this video.

at least you guys pulled out some big tricks :slight_smile: