Madonna Moutain Muni

Last week end I Muni’d in San Luis Obispo Co., California. A beatiful peak, Mostly fire road and single track winding around the peak with a killer view at the top. Descended “Rock Garden” Aptly named as was loose and steep. Posted some photos in my gallery but don’t know how to get them here!

it looks very fun to ride:) i wish i would have something like that around my place

That looks pretty awsome! The last three pics look almost exactly like Rockit! So are we on for tomorrow (sunday) about 1:30? Looks like beautiful beach weather again, but lower temps in the upper 70’s! Can you say, perfect?:smiley:
I was even thinking seriously about driving out your way later today,around 5pm for a 2-3hour ride up cholla, then Mathis, finishing with cayote.