a little vid put together from one day of riding.

Thanks to Klas for the steady filming!

and Leonidas for the music.

OMG you rock! So does your table tennis table!

Nice riding :slight_smile: First decent trials vid iv seen in a while.
Music was damn annoying though :S


Really good riding and editing.

No offence, but IMO the filming was very shaky, but got a bit better towards the end (or your camera doesn’t have a steady feature).

My riding friend/cameraman isn’t a steady feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Good riding, poor song choice (even though i don’t mind the song, it just didn’t match) and the camera work wans’t too good either

but the riding made up for it

Sorry for the threadjack but if that Stuga outdoor table is yours… how do you find outdoor table tennis and do you use outdoor balls?

Wow I really enjoyed that…You just got me pumped to go ride some trials. How high was that jump to the rail at 1:38…that was…madness! Crazy gap…

I love your rim by the way…looks hawt

hahaha Im stabel as a drunkhoe,damn Im hot!

hey ppl can u pm me if you know that you use a stabiliser function or a camera stand to stablize the vid? and how doyou know what the quality of a VIDEO camera is?

the riding was freakin amazing, but the music didn’t fit and the filming was not so great, the best way to have the camera for stuff like you’re doing is stationary. i find it hard to have anyone hold the camera and get a good shot out of a cheaper camera, but as long as its still and focused its great.

I actually watched this start from finish, you are well lovely :slight_smile:

and the song made me want to go paint on some abs.