Hey, yes, i live in madison and am very active in unicycling. I’m 16 right
now and have been riding for a little over 2 years. I am assuming that you
live here too but i havn’t seen you around. I get most of my practice in
the street in front of my house on the near west side but occasionally i
hook up with madison area jugglers where i got my start unicycling. Right
after i learned how to ride i met Andy Cotter who is now VP of the
unicycling society of america. As you may guess he was one helluva
influence on getting me going. Enough for now, if you don’t already know
the practice times for Madison Area jugglers i’ll get em to you on request.
I havn’t really been there for a few months though due to the bad
conditions on library mall for unicycling so excuse me if i am just talking
down to you:) Karl!

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