it’s that time of year again…

                         ||  MADFEST ||

 Come every Martin Luther King day the Madison Area Jugglers throw their
 sure to be a hit festival. This year is no exception. The dates are set,
 the location secured, now all that is left to do is wait for that bone
 chilling weekend in January. This year is sure to be a helluva festival
 with several new additions and extended hours. Last year Dennis
 Katherines made the trip, and if you ask him I think he'd say it was
 worth his while. I will not go into explicit detail here, if you desire
 such, e-mail me and I will either e or snail mail you the info. Here are
 the basic stats though:

 Dates: Jan. 12 (Friday) - Jan. 14 (Sunday) Location: [The quite scenic]
 Memorial Union, University of Wisconsin, Madison campus. The Union makes
 this fest, it provides an atmosphere unlike any other juggling fest you've
 ever been to. It is located on one of the two large lakes here in Madison
 and the room where the fest is held has windows overlooking this lake. New
 stuff: This year there will be an unprecedented TWO public shows! There
 will be the normal house filling public show (@ the Barrymore theatre,
 attendence of 700+!) and round about 11pm there will be an anything goes
 show. This will be similar ot "club renegade," there will be a stage and
 anyone can go preform whatever they want. Cost: The cost will be a big fat
 $0 this year, same as it has always been. There will be tix to the show
 available, and (if I'm not mistaken,) a ticket to both shows costs a mere
 $10. Despite the failure of the brunch at the last 2 conventions, it is
 being offered again. This year though you won't need to order your meals
 ahead of time. Cost is around 5 or 7 bucks. What can your Madfest do for
 you?: I havn't been in contact with the Twin Cities regarding this matter
 yet but if things are as they have been, Both national artistic freestyle
 champions will be here. Also there will possibly be in attendence, FOUR of
 the six level eights in the country. (Read that a few times til it makes
 sense.) For newbies, or for oldies who just wanna learn some stuff, this is
 a great event to attend. Lodging: There is lotsa floor space available in
 people's houses. If that is too informal for you, there are also many
 hotels from which to choose. The union even rents rooms.. imagine that;
 waking up and walking downstairs to the festival:) If you are in need of a
 floor on which to crash, e-mail me and I'll try to find you a hook up or
 the phone # of someone who can.

 Well folks, I guess I'll leave it at that. If you want the opinion of a
 past atendee e-mail Dennis. I hope to be finding a lot of mail in my box in
 the next few days:) As the event grows closer I might post once more.

     Until we meet again... Karl.

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