Madfest Juggling/Unicycling Festival

Just wanted to let all of you know that the Madison Area Jugglers will be hosting a juggling festival in Madison, Wisconsin January 12-14. Although we are a juggling club, we have enough unicylists to hold weekly unicycle hockey matches, and we would love to see more unicyclists at our festival. See more details at our webpage.

Hope to see some of you!

-Madison Area Jugglers

Madfest is definitely a great fest to attend. I notice that it will be held at the UW Fieldhouse again - which has a nice area for unicycling away from the jugglers (but not so far away that you’d be away from any interesting juggling action). Also a decent place to play hockey.

This might be the best juggling fest for unicyclists to attend in the Midwest this winter.
(Mondo’s dates are still not set due to facilities problems and many options are being looked at - including March, May, and November.)

Wish I could be there!