Made some distance today

Today I went to an empty parking lot and was practicing and all of a sudden it klicked I was up and riding with no trouble. Also I was freemounting with very little trouble. I was ridding the length of the parking lot, about 200yrds. I came home and was riding in the street in front of my house and was making it around the block. Some of the neighbor hood kids saw me on my uni and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was an instant hit with the kids. All in all i must have ridden a 1/2 of a mile. My legs are killing me.

P.S. my wife says my head is as big as the great pumpkin, but she is my best cheerleader.

mad props, especially on the freemounting success. that took me forever, even after learning how to ride straight for a good distance.

Re: Made some distance today

Do you think my pumpkin patch is the most sincere? Please great pumpkin visit my pumpkin patch. I got a rock. Lol. Anyways, awesome progress. Don’t you just love the feeling of that success. Happy trails.