made my first video

hey guys just made my first video with my new camera that I got for christmas. It’s just some simple riding I did to test out the camera and see how everything was working. Hope you guys enjoy!:slight_smile:

nice vid! I liked it a lot!:slight_smile:

sweet. nice song also, doesn’t that come when you install windows media player?

I’m not sure but I thought it fit the rainy scheme to it very well.

your seat is high.

and you have cool places to ride.

nice video.

typing in short sentences is fun.


I’m jealous of your ability to go to rubber sif.



Going to rubber SIF is soooo much easier than seat in. You can tuck up WAY more.

Awesome video… I am jealous of your skills as well!

nice man :smiley:

hell yeah i cant go to rubber seat in.

nice video man, i loved that gap from riding that skinny cement bit.

mmm going to rubber…