made me an airseat

after seeing some instructions on this forum (that i didn’t read)
i decided to take the plunge and bought a 12"tube and set about airseating the seat that came on my raffie
it’s marked as a ‘cionlli’ and has a loose cover that came off after undoing the nuts holding the seat to the post
the 1/2inch foam rubber came away with a trusty cardboard cutter
after drilling a hole for the valve to fit thru, i arranged the tube on the seat, strapped it down right in the middle and replaced the cover
after inflating it, the seat cover does bulge a bit
making me think that i should go back in and tape the tube to the seat so as to keep it in place
as is tho, it is unbelieably comfy
when i tried it the first time i kept wanting to sit down more and eventually nearly came off because i damn near took all the weight off my feet
it feels like u r sitting on (dare i say it? hell yeah dave, go for it!) air!!

thanx for planting the seat (oops - seed)