Made it 60' (20m)!

Woo Hoo!

I finally made it and had some kind of control.

The tiny uni is kinda hard, but I really have nothing to compare it to.

What is that, a 16"? It is so tiny, a bigger wheel would be so much easier for you. Nice job on the 60’ though, but serriously look into getting a bigger wheel, or at least try one out.

yeah, the tiny unis feel completely different.

I’ve had people say it was easier to learn on my 24", but others who couldn’t fit the 24" and learned just fine on my 20".

Its adorable! its a little baby uni!


You learned on that? God bless, man.

It is a 16". Hopefully it makes it easier and not harder to learn how to ride a bigger wheel. I’m going to start looking for a 24". This thing is ridiculous looking, and I look even more ridiculous riding it. Time to go try to ride 80’!

Way to go, bama!

I learned on a 20", but have a 12" uni for my daughters (twin 3 year olds - no they don’t ride yet). I have tried it a couple of times and it is way too tough for me right now - partly because the seat is waaaay to low and partly because the cranks are so short there is not much room for error. I can ride a 24" though. So all this is to say that I think it is easier to move up from the 16" than it would be to move down from the 16". But you would probably look even more ridiculous on a 12" unicycle. :slight_smile: