Made in Norrland - The movie

Here is a new film from GP productions.

It´s a mixed film from north sweden.

Rate and comment! :wink:

(The quality of the cycling is not what its use to be but… :smiley: )

I enjoyed it :D:D

Thank you :slight_smile:
It´s a little bit different than our other movies, but i think its gets pretty more funny to watch with a little bit humor. :roll_eyes:

i like it

good skils :wink:

quirky but fun to see Norrland. Nice riding!

Awesome!! and very entertaining… great work…

SOunds like you think norrland is a country? It’s just a part of sweden but i may be wrong, and you very well informed :wink:

hey guys, enjoyed it as well!, seems like you guys are having a lot of fun!

keep it up.

great video !

Hejja Norrland!

Great video guys. Very nice skills.