made another vid

hey everyone,

u know that ive already made my video for me well im gunna make a series of them to make it seem like a movie. So i made an intro feel free to check it out.


Those movies are insane! You have some skill! It was nice to see that people can still ride backwards and do some freestyle stuff. On the intro part…

… it’s nice to see people get hurt. And a lot of it.

Re: made another vid

Insane - yeah. But way cool!!!

unibrow <> wrote:

>hey everyone,
>u know that ive already made my video for me well im gunna make a
>series of them to make it seem like a movie. So i made an intro feel
>free to check it out.

The video is hilarious. It’s hard not to laugh at people racking their nuts. Y’all need to learn to wear snug fitting lycra cycling shorts under your shorts/pants to keep your nuts out of the way. It’s the same reason they make you wear jock straps in PE or gym class.

On a technical note. The audio in your videos is not compressed. The video is compressed, but not the audio. In your intro.avi video the video is 7.23 MB and the audio is 6.14 MB. You can compress the video with MP3 to cut the audio size down considerably. A lot of DivX videos compress the audio with MP3 and the combination works well but you need to use two pass encoding with DivX to keep the audio in sync with the video.

Your audio is encoded at 352 Kbps, 22050 Hz, 1 channel (mono), uncompressed PCM. Encoding the audio with MP3 at 64 Kpbs, 96 Kpbs or 128 Kpbs would cut the audio portion of the AVI file down considerably. If you’re not sure how to compress the audio post a question in “Just Conversation”. Someone will know. I know how to do it with VirtualDub but I don’t know anything about using Adobe Premiere.

that was a good laugh!who ever the girl is,shes crazy.she has excellent play by play of the nut crunching action.

Maybe you should rename this to nutcracker.

Re: made another vid

Hmmmm - I enjoyed watching that but OUCH OUCH OUCH, maybe you guys
should take it a just little easier !

Looks like you have talent, would have been nice to see you ‘nail’
more tricks as well as the accidents (those painful painful accidents

Did I say OUCH !

Oh! And get the music from the ballet Nutcracker too.

Re: Re: made another vid

If amazing riding is what you want to see, then look no further than his first video –

My Uni Vid Is Finally Done ( 1st One )

Dave Lowell (uni57)

Very cool Bail Vid. My nuts hurt just watching that,


some nice bails justin… a few good sacks. still doesnt beat my worst one though: erys its a nice sack when i fell grinding a 10 set rail. its the vrey last video in there. good job justin, keep up the good work.


thx everyone,

our intro is good but more parts will be on the way. Robby just finished his and hes only bin riding for about a month.

and there are no girls in our crew its just two little boys look like girls bahahahaha.

more vids are on the way!


Re: thx everyone,

I KNEW that. I had the same problem when I was a kid. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Fun videos.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Now that I remembered to install DivX on my new computer I finally saw your vids.

Fun stuff. If I did half of that I wouldn’t be able to get up for a week.

Can I ask a favor from you and all that post vids? Please state the size and length in the gallery. 15MB from a 56K is forever.


hey everyone

i know uve all seen the intro well ive made a new part for me :smiley: i re’did my old one and added new clips ( same song) there will be tons more comin so keep checking back with me for some good times :slight_smile:

heres the link

im uploading my almost done part now if it doesnt work its cuz if my comp is as fast as a like .2 inch tire if thats possible