is mad4one still making hubs and cranks. its says on there site that you can get them from but i didnt see them on there.

They’re definitely still being made, I’m not sure where you can buy them from though. Maybe try contacting Olaf Schlote or Marco Vitale about it.

They’re still being made but I think due to the newness of the company they’re making the cranks in “batches” right now.

Yes they are still being made but not in large numbers because of cost reasons. They are made in italy at the buggati car factory so they are not cheap to make at all.

like julia said it would be best to contact Olaf Schlote or Marco vitale about getting cranks. I believe you can purchase the hub from any UDC in europe.


heres one ^^^

can you get a mad4one in the US yet?


You can get them in Canada though, and the shipping given the various locations probably wouldn’t be too bad.

what about border fees?

Will likely not matter given the cost of the hub and shipping to begin with. It will probably be included in your shipping fees Or you can go to Canada and take it across the border your self, you would then be able to avoid such fees if it is under a certain amount. Not sure what that amount is though. Also pretty sure it would be more expensive than just shipping it. lol

Shipping can never include the taxes charged by your local Customs. They are always payble… this is for almost every country and there is no way that the shipping companies can know what the charges will exactly be. (In theory this also goes for goods brought over by yourself at the border)

Basically you don’t pay the local sales tax for the country you purchase the product. You then get charged sales tax, import duty and customs charge on the goods. Here is the basic foruma.

((purchase price-purchase sales tax)*import duty)+shipping)*local sales tax+customs charge.

See why it is not straight forward?

While I am on… a couple of other explanations.
Sales within the EU don’t have the purchase sales tax removed.
Sales outside the EU do.
Sales taken out of the EU by hand need a form that is stamped by customs on export and the tax can then be refunded by the retailer.

Every country has a minimium value of the product where the customs don’t care. Eg. for the Uk this is £21 but for Australia it is AU$1000. I don’t know what it is for US or Canada.

Sales tax in UK and most of Europe is 20%

Zipper, if you do want a quote for shipping to Canada do just email the office. They are light and it will not be much to ship… although there will be a customs charge on them. Best to contact Peter at for a quote, you then get to know then exactly what you are paying.

If you’re getting them from Canada, and it’s less than $200, you won’t be charged border taxes. And you don’t pay the Canadian taxes…
But if they’re over $200, you may have to pay taxes, it should only be the taxes of your state though.