mad4one website is online now

Today we launched our website finaly. So check it out at
Many thanks to Tamas for creating it.

No US distributors?

Site looks solid though.

Wooow looks cool :smiley: I have to get a pair of 130mm :stuck_out_tongue:

“whoever said happiness can’t be bought, doesn’t have a mad4one unicycle”
God i love you colby!

The site is looking really nice, can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next! loving my hub :smiley:

The parts are beautiful! Did you commission SRAM for the ISIS broach tool to create the female spline in your cranks -or did you have the tool made from the on line spec? I need to make the spline, and wire EDM is too expensive except for prototyping.

Wow, I’m really curious to try the 60mm cranks for freestyle! You would just have to think about taking a pedal and it would have already happened. :astonished:

@ Jon B: we work on this, up to now we deliver direct to the US or you can buy at one of the Canadian or European dealers for sure.

@blueharmony: do you mean we should develop a Pedal or recomend some?

@ Olaf

I think hes just saying that the cranks are so short that you would hardly notice that you are pedaling on a freestyle unicycle :slight_smile:

The ISIS compatible female spline system in madforone cranks is absolutely brilliant and simple! Nicely done!

Yes, that is what I meant. Thanks for the clarification.
Alles clar, oder?