mad4one review wanted


So what the sh!t is so good about mad4one??

I keep hearing things from people saying they are spectacular. What makes them so special compared to other brands? Or are these people just being nice to try make a name for this new brand.

The hubs are awesome!

I have a Chromo 36 hole hub and its friggin light and strong and its one piece and super high quality. They fit KH cranks perfectly and they fit the mad4one cranks perfectly as well. I know some of the flatland riders have the Aluminum hubs and they are even lighter. Also there are some Prototype hub and cranks being tested by some riders that were meant for flatland but they seem to be doing great for street and trials as well.

The cranks i have only had for a few days, they have no Q-factor so flip tricks for me are kinda painful but i can flip faster and throw my uni around like its my 20inch. I know they are strong to, i hit some really big sets and drops yesterday and the cranks are just fine. i also notice that grinding is different with no Q-factor as well. I can get more over the rail and it feels much more natural for grinds.

Dont take this as my final words for the cranks though! like i said i have only had them for a few days but i am totally impressed by how they have handled the things ive done.

And also the quality… you get what youre paying for. These parts are super nice! i cant believe the quality that is in these cranks and hubs

Im also not saying all of this because im sponsored by them, im saying this because i am truly impressed by the parts i have so far received, even if i wasnt sponsored by Mad4One i would get me a Mad4One hub since its light and strong. Its nice to have light parts because overall i have gotten a super light 24inch that is super strong. Mad4One is producing HIGH quality parts! i have only seen such quality in high end bicycle parts when i use to race BMX.


I’m a weight weenie and Mad4One is my brand of choice. They flip like a dream and I can spin faster than ever.

People don’t say that Mad4One is good just because they’re sponsered by them. I’ve rode Colby Thomas’ (Flat 125’s, no MADapters) and they are waaay good. 1st, the hub is super light and makes it feel great. 2nd, although the cranks have no q-factor, I really like them. It took a while to get used to but once you do, it feels great for flips. My only complaint about Mad4One’s is that they’re really expensive, never really avalible to buy and I find it difficult to find a place to buy them from. Other than that they are super high-quality hubs and cranks that I’d choose over any other crank or hub.

Best hub on the market for strength to weight ratio.

If you go Ti, you bend, break spindles. One piece cromoly is the way to go for a hub.