Mad4One Handle Saddle

I’ve searched quite a bit around here for peeps with long term experience with the Handle Saddle, but some of my questions have gone unanswered.

  • Is there any way to adjust the angle at which it sits?

-Does anyone use it for touring or long distance commuting?

I’m really interested in its sturdiness and simplicity, but i’m also very particular about spending money on things. Any responses are appreciated!

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That question could interest @MAD4ONE, and also @turtle who uses it.

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Thank you for the tags!

I’m interested in this too. The only thing it seems to lack is the ability to adjust the handle separate from the saddle. I hope turtle or someone who has ridden on one for a while can give their experience.

Ben Soja is also a big fan. What’s his user name here?

Judging from this post @bungeejoe also uses one and apparently likes it.

I’m using an M size on a 36". I did make a spacer to uplift the saddle as I need. Another idea was to drill other 4 screw holes

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you could also use an adjustable seatpost:

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Yeah, it’s not possible to adjust the angle between the handle and the seat. This is kinda the point, since it allows for great stiffness and strength combined with low weight. The angle of the whole handle saddle can of course be adjusted with the interface to the seat post. The mad4one seat post gives you a bit of an extra range since it offers different angles if you turn it 180 degrees.

Concerning the comfort, I’ve mostly used it for muni where it’s not that critical, but recently I’ve also done road rides of 50-100k without any issues. Good bike shorts recommended, though!


I’ve used spacers in between the seatpost and the saddle to tilt the front upwards a touch.

If you’re using an aluminium seat post with a plate welded on top I would be wary of using spacers. There’s a lot of force being transmitted through that interface and if you add spacers all of the load will transfer directly to the ends of the plate.

You are right! Should change seatpost to a M4O or try to change holes positions

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The HandleSaddle have the standard 4 bolts mount.
To adjust the angle you sit you have to work on the seatpost.
Adjustable seatpost often are not so strong.
Our seastpost XXL is designed to eliminate all weak points. the 4 holes mount is inclined 2° and you can turn it front of back.
With HandleSaddle the seatpsost xxl Up part in front seems to be the right postion for most riders.
In our experience some rider use the pivotal system (Saddle+Seatpost) with the sit position inclined backward really steep really .
In this case to use the handlesaddle in the same position you need and adjustable seatpost that we do not have yet.


To adjust the position of hand we have also the extension that can be added with a little work in many different length and inclinations.

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You can see my handle saddle mounted on the Mad4One seatpost in the photo of my Hatchet in the post linked below, if you click on the photo and zoom in (click, then click again) you can see the up/down markings Marco refers to above. You can also just see the amount of adjustment there is from the length of the slots on the underside (Allen screws in counterbored slots).

Is that the small or medium handle saddle?

It is the medium leather saddle.