Mad4One Dual Hole Cranks, Moment Cranks, KH Pivotal Seat post

Black 150mm KH Moment Cranks (these were previously used before me, and I used them for about a month. They function perfectly, and looks as though they were powder-coated black at some point). $50 + shipping

Like-new black Mad4One ISIS ergal dual hole cranks 125mm/150mm + pins
(small scratch as pictured). $150 + shipping

Like-new 27.2mm (10 inches) KH Pivotal Seat Post. The prior owner cut 1.5 inches off the post. I never used it, and I don’t think the previous used it much. $25 + shipping

KH pivotal seatpost is sold.

I have the Mad4One Cranks and the KH Moment Cranks available.



I now also have a red and black Deity Pyston pivotal seat post 27.2x150mm.

Mint condition.

$30.00 + shipping

PM sent on the Moments.


Red pivotal post SOLD. Seat post SOLD. Black Moments SOLD. 125/150mm Mad4One Cranks still available!