Mad4One Cranks Review

Hey Y’all!

 For those of you who have not had the time or reason to visit the Mad4One website, and take a look at their amazing parts, I strongly suggest you do so after reading my review (: <a href="">Mad4One Website</a>

 Specs of my cranks: 125 mm

 The best way to describe Mad4One cranks is with an analogy. Mad4One cranks are like Eli Brill. At first sight, he's a small, average looking dude. Then he takes off his shirt, and his muscles blind you.  :astonished:  :p

 I'll admit, at first I was skeptical that a pair of cranks SOOO light could be strong. But I was wrong. These cranks have withstood all of my riding. And I'm not exactly easy on my parts.  :roll_eyes:  Quadflips down 7 stairs, drops down 9+ feet, and countless other vigorous types of riding. These cranks are as solid as the day I got them. 

 One of my favorite parts of riding Mad4One is being able to go as big and crazy as I want, without having to worry about the repercussions. This sense of security and assurance is one of the biggest blessings a street rider can have. I can't tell you how many times I've heard riders say, I'd go for this ________ but I'd break my _________. I've never once had a reason to say this with Mad4One.

 Not only are these cranks amazing for street, but they're perfect for flatland as well! :O Any pair of cranks that allows a rider to quintflip on FLAT has got to be a good set. Even I had trouble quadflipping on flat until I got my cranks. I LOVE IT. Everything about these cranks makes me so pumped for riding. They really compliment your riding, and almost work with you it seems to improve it. 

 Please take some time out of your day to visit their website and take a look for yourselves! If you have any questions, I'm more than happy, as is the rest of Team Mad4One to answer them! Also, feel free to ask them on the 

Mad4One Page on Facebook!

 -Colby Thomas

nice review
what can you tell me about these cranks copared with koxx 135’s for flipping? i now you had rode both, so i want to know


Colby’s review is exactly my experience too. :slight_smile:

I’ve also ridden them both, and from my experience Mad4One flips better. After riding my K1 street cranks for a while, I put on my M4O cranks and the first day I landed doublebackflips. :slight_smile:

…Coming from sponsored riders I find this info pointless.
I just thought that should be pointed out.

ASIT has a decent point, so i’ll share my opinion on the Mad4One 125mm Cranks.

I used to ride K1 135 Street Cranks, then I switched to KH 125 moments and am loving them. Moments are so much easier on my feet, ankles, and shoes. I’ve never felt healthier below the knees. Although K1 Street Cranks are amazing for flatland.

I’ve ridden Colby’s Mad4One’s numerous times, and like already said, they flip crazy fast. They are also super light and durable. I landed my first 1 handed quad down a 2 set with them. They are really wide which helps for flatland. I do favor the slight width difference of the Moments though. But this is only for flips because it’s easier on the feet. Other than that I really like the Mad4Ones and would recommend them for anyone wanting to do street and flat. My reasons would be better if I actually owned a pair but this is just from riding them while with Colby.

I’ve really wanted to get a pair, but the price and the fact that they are not available in the US is a real bummer. I look forward to hopefully seeing Mad4One in the U.S. hopefully soon. I think Mad4One has a bright future ahead of them. I get the feeling they are really trying to push unicycling forward.

I hope that all made sense.

-Kevin Kartchner

Hmmm I dunno… How long have you had your Mad4ones?

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:
Its kinda hard to believe these cranks are really strong for street :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm I’ve had them for about 6 months now (: I’ve had no problems with my set. I have gone as big as I want, and nothing bad has happened :smiley:

these cranks are strong! ive done my biggest drops with these cranks and have done my longest gaps and i didnt have an issue with them.

Ive stripped out the pedal threads but that was MY OWN FAULT

I’ve ridden Colby’s too and I love them. I’ve landed all my triples on them because they’re so light and they flip so fast. The only real complaint I have is that they’re so expensive so really only sponsored riders have them.